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If you’re reading this, it’s most likely because you’re intrigued (and nosy) about the kinds of things an academic gets up to in their spare time.

Well, I generally don’t have a great amount of time left over in my week to pursue much beyond sleeping and eating, but I do try and remain at least a little bit active by taking part in British Military Fitness classes and self-defense classes. Although this usually results in me being battered and bruised far more regularly than I feel comfortable, they do keep my mind distracted from work long enough to feel like it doesn’t consume my life.

I’m also a novice home brewer and try to brew a batch o’ beer every six months or so. This coincides quite nicely with major holidays like Christmas and the summer 🙂

I’m a ‘keen’ (re: not talented) cook who prefers eating rather than cooking, and my favourite food is Mexican.

I love watching movies (who doesn’t?), enjoy acoustic music, and shout at the TV far too loudly when rugby is on…

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