Academic hat

Hi there. This page is all about me with my academic hat (re: professional) on. If you’re more interested in what I do in my ‘spare time’ (I haven’t seen this around in quite a while…), then head over to the ‘Personal hat’ page đŸ™‚

My name’s Robert Lawson and I’m a lecturer in linguistics at Birmingham City University. I’ve been working in the School of English for the past two years and I teach a number of modules which could all be described as ‘sociolinguistic’ in focus. Prior to my job at BCU, I studied my PhD at the University of Glasgow where my research was broadly concerned with the relationship between language, violence and identity among adolescent males in Glasgow. This resulted in me being generally interested in adolescent language use, ethnographic field techniques, acoustic data analysis, statistical analysis, masculinity, and language in an urban context.

Some of these interests translate quite easily to my new fieldwork site of Birmingham, and I’m currently negotiating the transition between my PhD work and newer work on Birmingham English, particularly the linguistic variation of Birmingham adolescent males.

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