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10 things I learned at AAA

Last week, I attended my second ever American Anthropological Association Meeting in San Francisco, and here’s what I learned:

  1. If Pittsburgh is hilly, then San Francisco is Pittsburgh on steroids.
  2. San Francisco is full of crazy.
  3. The AAA conference is huge…
  4. Sessions with ‘big names’ will be full. Arrive early.
  5. I need to take more cards with me when I go to AAA.
  6. The ‘politics of smell’ is really a thing.
  7. Having a discussant is good, but actually having time to ask questions is even cooler.
  8. Asking sensible questions after listening to quite complicated talks is a skill.
  9. Sometimes, blowing the conference off for a day to walk in the park with your significant other is a good thing.
  10. ‘Conference colds’ actually exist.

In other news, it’s snowing in Pittsburgh and Scotland just lost to Tonga in probably one of the worst displays of rugby I’ve ever seen from the team.

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