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The Ides of June…

Things have been a little bit manic recently, as June normally is… With external examining duties, conference papers to prepare, journal articles being revised, marking to do, and resits to set up, my ‘to do’ list is getting progressively longer and longer. I’m hopeful that if I get through the rest of this month, then things will start getting a bit more manageable, but I’ve got to get through this month first…

I am looking forward to one event this month though, which is the iGala conference in Brazil. This will be my first time attending this particular conference, and it’s been in some far flung places over the years (Lancaster excepted). It takes about two days to Brazil, I’m only there for five or six days,amd  the conference has a jam-packed schedule, with no less than nine parallel sessions, so I’ll be pretty exhausted by the end of it I think. By either madness or accident, I’ll be giving two papers (on the same day!); one on my language and masculinity stuff with Erez Levon, Tomasso Milani and Quentin Williams, where I’ll be talking about language, masculinity and violence. The other paper is the first time we’ll be presenting the Mock the Week project I’m working on with colleagues in the department, so it’ll be exciting to get some feedback on this and see what we’re doing well and where we can improve. It’s also been a wee while since I’ve given a talk at a sociolinguistics conference, so it’ll be great to get back into the swing of things. After that, I’ll be off to the Sociolinguistics Symposium 19 in Berlin, but I’m only giving one paper at that, so it should be a bit more leisurely. Here’s hoping at least.

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