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Ding dong the bells are ringing!

Not for me, but for my younger brother who is getting married this weekend! I don’t really say much about my younger brother on here, but this is such a momentous occasion for him that I can’t help but wax lyrical about how proud, happy and just generally chuffed to bits I am for him and his soon-to-be wife. Kris isn’t one for decision-making, and he’s normally pretty hopeless at planning anything beyond the next week, but he seems to be getting this whole ‘being an adult’ thing down pat. He’s got a mortgage on a wee flat in Lanark and he’s getting married, two things which have thus far eluded me in my adult life. I always took the mickey out of him for being the immature one, but it seems that once this weekend is over, the shoe will be on the other foot.

As he’s getting married in Scotland, the groomsmen will all be kilted up and I’m really looking forward to wearing the whole get up. While I normally wear a kilt when I go to the rugby, I never really get a chance to wear the full outfit. The kilt is a wonderful piece of clothing that makes any man look good, and with Kris, he really needs all the help he can get. It amazes me that kilts and other highland wear were actually banned in the 18th century so as to control and suppress the clans of Scotland but now it’s more commonly associated with allowing one to bare one’s buttocks (or other delicate parts!) to the general populace with ease (as demonstrated here and discussed here). Thankfully in Scotland, men don’t get asked what they’re wearing under their kilts, so I get to avoid that conversation… (see here for an explanation)

So my best man’s speech is prepared, marking is all done (huzzah!), hotel is booked and tickets to the last home game of the Glasgow Warriors are bought (priorities!). Added to that, it’s a bank holiday on Monday, so I at least get a chance to recover from all the festivities. Weekends like this only come up occasionally, so I’m hoping for fair weather, good company and great memories.

– The Social Linguist

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  1. Aaron
    May 3, 2012 at 4:20 pm

    Enjoy your weekend and say hi to whatever family might remember me.

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